Family Defender Legal Benefits Plan

Retain and attract employees with the legal benefits plan that provides affordable access to legal services.

Expand your benefits portfolio with the Family Defender™.

U.S. Legal Services offers the most comprehensive group legal benefits plans available, covering the most commonly needed legal services. Similar to benefits that provide access to preventive medicine or dentistry, our Family Defender™ plan provides access to preventive law. The plan is also simple for your company to administer and enrollment is easy.

The Family Defender™ is designed to defend your employees and their families with a broad range of legal services*, which may include legal assistance with these issues and more:

Increase productivity and reduce costs.

Plan members have easy access to a Network Attorney in their local areas, much like having their own attorney on retainer 24/7. Knowing that quality legal help is always at hand can help reduce employees’ stress, and make legal issues more manageable.

Resolving legal matters takes time away from work and can take employees’ attention off of their jobs. Having a legal plan available for your employees can have a number of positive impacts on your workplace:

  • Less turnover
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced payroll costs
  • Lower human resources expenses
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased healthcare costs

We make it easy for your employees to use their U.S. Legal Services benefits — they can call, visit our website, or use our convenient mobile app to get answers or initiate a claim.

A no-cost benefit that’s easy to administer.

Our plans are administered through employers’ human resources or benefits departments. Our group customers include private and public companies, financial institutions, school systems and universities, government agencies, large healthcare organizations and more.

Offer the most comprehensive legal benefits plan available.

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*Please refer to your summary plan description for your specific plan details.