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Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence—and Safer Fleets

Trucking companies naturally want to protect their drivers and limit their business’s liability—and predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are being combined to create a powerful method to accomplish both. First, though, here are some definitions. Predictive analytics involves taking big data and extracting information from it using technology—and then analyzing that information to note Read the full article…

Getting Help With Finance-Related Legal Matters

In many instances, legal issues are in large part financial matters, such as when you’re buying or selling a house. Other times, legal matters can involve financial distress, such as when bankruptcy is looming. In both of these types of situations, it isn’t unusual to need help from a professional, and a financial attorney can Read the full article…

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Legal Insurance Plans: A Smart Choice for Attorneys

People are increasingly looking to legal plans for help, notes the American Bar Association (ABA) in their article titled “What Attorneys Need to Know About Legal Plans,” calling that “good news for attorneys.” That’s because attorneys can, through participation in group legal plans, “gain referrals, simplify payments, and reach clients who are better prepared.” Although Read the full article…

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