The Identity Defender ™ Identity Theft Program

It can take up to five years to resolve the credit problems that result from identity theft, the fastest-growing crime in the nation. Victims have little assistance available to resolve identity theft issues, which may cost more than $1,000 per occurrence. With the Identity Defender™, you have access to specialists who will work with you to restore your identity and good credit.

The Identity Theft Solution. The Identity Defender™ is designed to help defend against the fastest growing crime in the nation. The Identity Defender will provide access to Certified Protection Experts who assist consumers at the inception of a fraud related emergency. A Certified Protection Expert is trained to evaluate the incident and knows what steps need to be taken to resolve the theft, including but not limited to:

  • 24 x 7 support from U.S. based agents.
  • Unlimited call access to the Identity Theft Restoration Member Services team.
  • Response to inquiries related to identity theft concerns.
  • Process for receiving a free credit report annually from each credit bureau.
  • ID Theft Consumer Guide — A comprehensive reference guide for resolution, contact information, and protective measures for avoiding identity theft in the future.
  • Virtually real-time, proactive alerts when lenders, such as banks, auto dealers, mortgage companies and government agencies, request a copy of your credit report.
  • Dark Web Monitoring for continuous scouring of thousands of websites, chat rooms, blogs and other data sources to detect illegal trading and selling of your personal information. Scans for your personal information including social security number, driver’s license, mother’s maiden name, phone number, email addresses, bank account and routing numbers, credit and debit card numbers and medical identification numbers.
  • Mobile App access for anywhere, anytime protection with all the key capabilities required to rapidly access personal identity protection information from your smartphone (iOS and Android).
  • Secure Social Security Number tracking that intelligently alerts you if there’s an unfamiliar name, alias, or address associated with your SSN, which could be an indication of fraud. As a result, greatly reduces the time, money, and emotional stress associated with stolen SSN.
  • Lost Wallet – Quickly cancel and replace credit, debit, and ATM cards if your wallet is lost or stolen.
  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement – If you have money stolen due to identity theft, we will reimburse you up to $1 million.
  • Identity Theft Insurance ($1 Million) – Identity theft insurance guarantees that you recover certain out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages if your identity is stolen. Coverage also includes reimbursement for child care, elder care, tax fraud and medical identity theft.

Fight back when your identity is stolen. Restore your identity and good credit with Identity Defender™.

Simply put, you can’t get better Identity Theft Protection anywhere.

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