Family Defender™ legal insurance.

When you have a legal insurance plan in place before the need for legal help arises, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected. With Family Defender, an attorney will be available when you need one.

The Family Defender legal insurance plan is designed to defend you and your family with a wide array of services, including divorce, child support and custody, traffic violations, debt matters, lawsuits, estate planning and more.

To enroll, contact your HR benefits.


Covered In Full Dependent &
spouse covered
Consumer Law  √  √
Will, Living Will, Simple Testamentary Trust, P.O.A.  √  √
Civil Actions, Plaintiff/Defendant  √  √
Real Estate Transactions
Landlord/Tenant Law
Traffic Violations
Preparation of Legal Documents
Juvenile Defense
Family Law *+ 12 Hours
Criminal Violations
Personal Injury
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 +
Identity Theft
All other matters 33.3% Discount 33.3% Discount

* After 12 hours, there is a 33.3% discount
+120 day waiting period

Family Defender

$18.75 per employee per month

Disclaimer: You will receive a certificate describing the exact coverage benefit purchased. This website explains the general purposes of the insurance described, but in no way changes or affects the insurance afforded under the policy actually issued. All coverage is to be subject to actual policy conditions and exclusions. Some limitations apply. All cancellations must be received in writing. Not sponsored or approved by the United States Government or any Department or Agency thereof.