Legal Insurance Plans for Individuals

Why have a legal insurance plan?

Financial difficulties are the chief causes of stress, per the American Psychological Association. Legal problems often lead to an undue burden on the finances of a household or individual, since there may be little choice but to hire an attorney for help in resolving legal matters. With a legal plan already in place, you and your family may save time and thousands of dollars in legal fees when you need an attorney the most. Most plans are very affordable, providing its members peace of mind and access to legal representation that they may not otherwise have.

From an overall industry perspective, legal insurance plans for individuals may provide coverage for anything from common needs such as getting help in dealing with an insurance company to representation in more serious criminal violations.

Types of legal plans

Legal insurance plans may be referred to in a number of ways, including legal benefits plans, legal insurance benefits and prepaid legal plans. They may be offered through an employer as part of an overall employee benefits package, or be bought by individuals directly from agents of legal plan providers.

Depending upon the company that provides the plan, the specific services and levels of access to attorneys can vary widely. At one end of the spectrum, services may be limited to the review of documents by an attorney, help with the preparation of a will or making a telephone call on the planholder’s behalf. There may be a phone consultation at no charge with discounted fees charged after that call.

At the other end of the spectrum are full or comprehensive legal insurance plans. These plans usually cover legal help with matters related to real estate transactions, family matters such as adoption, financial issues such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, immigration issues, civil action, consumer law and more.

Comprehensive plans also connect members to a high-quality network of attorneys that are in close geographic proximity rather than distant lawyers available only by phone. Such plans also offer full customer service with support centers staffed by experts in the field.

Choosing a legal plan

When comparing legal insurance plans for individuals and families, be sure to obtain a complete list of legal matters that are covered by the plan, find out who the plan attorneys are and where they are located, and whether customer support is available and from whom. With the right legal benefits plan, you’ll be in control when the need for legal assistance arises.

Here at U.S. Legal Services, our comprehensive plans are available to individuals through their employers’ group benefits packages.  Learn more about the complete range of coverage we offer.