Our legal insurance plans give you the power to manage your legal matters simply and effectively. When you enroll in a U.S. Legal Services plan, you have easy access to the services of an attorney in your area, backed by the best customer service and support in the legal insurance industry.

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Our prepaid legal insurance puts you in control

With a high-quality legal insurance plan from U.S. Legal Services, you get more than a valuable service — you gain the peace of mind of knowing that good legal help is within your reach. In many cases, your legal matters can be resolved in a timely way, with fewer worries than you’d have when obtaining help from an attorney on your own.

We’re always here to help.

When you become a member, you have easy access to all the information and support you need:

  • Log in to your online account, where you can view and create legal forms and wills, and research a variety of legal topics in our legal library.
  • Call us at 1-800-356-LAWS(5297) to have our customer service experts place you with the proper attorney to receive your benefits. We’re always glad to assist you or answer any questions you may have about your legal insurance plan.

Be prepared with the legal insurance plan that’s right for you.

Make sure you’re ready if the need for legal help arises. Whether you’re looking for affordable legal services for yourself or your family, are concerned with the potential theft of your identity, or are a commercial truck driver who wants to have legal representation in place, U.S. Legal Services has a legal services plan designed with you in mind:


Family Defender™ – is a legal insurance plan that makes legal representation easily accessible and affordable for everyone. It covers everyday legal matters, from estate planning and traffic citations, to family law and bankruptcy, with as few limitations as possible. The Family Defender™ has been recognized as the broadest and most comprehensive legal insurance plan in the industry by consumer groups.


CDL Defender™ – provides commercial truck drivers with access to legal representation. It’s designed to defend commercial drivers like you when you receive citations while you’re on the road, both in your commercial and personal vehicles. The CDL Defender™ legal insurance plan helps keep you on the road, earning money for yourself and your family.


Identity Defender™ – focuses on immediate fraud-related issues. It will educate you on preventive steps that ensure you’re not victimized again. The Identity Defender™ helps you resolve fraud-related issues when time isn’t on your side. Our highly trained specialists are here to listen and answer your questions, and work on your behalf to restore your identity and credit.


Legal Insurance FAQ

When you consider traffic citations, divorces, child custody/support and other kinds of family law, estate planning (such as wills and powers of attorney), bankruptcy filings, and more, it becomes clear that significant numbers of people need to deal with legal issues. When any of those circumstances become an issue for you, all typically goes much more smoothly when affordable access to legal assistance is readily available. Being a member of a prepaid legal plan such as Family Defender™ provides you with convenient access to the legal help you need, right when you need it, giving you an affordable way to deal with legal issues you’re facing. You can think of the low monthly fee for prepaid legal services as having attorneys on retainer; when you need help, you can choose from the network attorneys, selecting the one with the expertise you need.
Each legal plan covers different services, so talk to your employer about what specific plan has been created as part of your voluntary benefits package or call us at 1-800-356-LAWS(5297). U.S. Legal Services offers three plans. Family Defender™ covers everyday legal matters for employees and their families, ranging from family law to bankruptcy, also including estate planning, traffic citations, and more. This group legal plan has been recognized as the most comprehensive choice in the industry by consumer groups. CDL Defender™ is a group legal plan designed to provide commercial truck drivers with access to the types of legal representation they’re most likely to need. The goal is to keep truck drivers on the road so they can keep earning money for their families. Identity Defender™ helps plan members to deal with immediate fraud-related issues and to restore their identities and credit.
Prepaid legal plans are voluntary benefits that employers can offer to employees. Employers work with us to craft a specific plan and then employees can choose to enroll in this plan to get affordable access to attorneys when they have legal issues to address. Member fees vary, based upon what specific plan your company creates to offer the employees in your workplace. In general, an enrolled member pays approximately $20 a month for a Family Defender™ plan that pays 100 percent of all attorney fees for covered issues. This gives members access to consultation calls as well as in-office visits. Because specifics vary, we encourage you to ask the human resource contact at your place of employment about the monthly cost of the plan and what, specifically, it covers. You can also call us at 1-800-356-LAWS(5297) so that we can answer your questions.
Employers can offer prepaid legal services to employees, and then employees who enroll in their company’s plan (such as Family Defender™) pay a low monthly fee to have affordable access to legal services. When you need help with legal issues, we’re here to help you find a network attorney or to answer questions. Members also have online access to information about legal topics. When you consult with an attorney through our plan, we pay 100 percent of all attorney fees on covered issues. Specifics of what’s covered depends upon the plan created by your employer. We require attorneys in our network to meet strict criteria, including five years of experience, appropriate state licensing, and no record of complaints or disciplinary history. To find out what your plan covers, you can talk to your human resource contact at work or call us at 1-800-356-LAWS(5297).
No two prepaid legal plans are exactly alike, so you’d need to check the specifics of your employer’s plan or call us at 1-800-356-LAWS(5297). With Family Defender™ from U.S. Legal Services, employers can customize plans that include divorce attorneys, plus those experienced in child support and child custody laws and proceedings—plus property division, spousal support, and more. Our plans pay 100 percent of attorney fees for covered issues. Family Defender™ plans that cover divorce attorneys include free consultations, and preparation of and filing of pleading and affidavits, as well as the creation of settlement agreements. You can also have representation at divorce hearings. Some plans also include modification or enforcement of child support orders and alimony, which involves post-judgment representation. Plans may also cover the establishment of an uncontested guardianship or conservatorship if a plan member is appointed to one of those positions.