The Identity Defender: Peace of mind for your employees

The Identity Defender™ is affordable identity theft protection that gives your employees identity theft assistance that saves both time and money. Our identity theft solution helps your employees stay focused on their work, can improve morale and is available at no cost to your company.

The Identity Defender™ is designed to help defend against the fastest-growing crime in the nation. An identity is stolen every three seconds, and more than 25 million people around the world have been victimized in just the last five years. To help your employees fight back should their identities be stolen, offer them the best identity theft protection available.

Our Identity Defender™ program provides your employees with access to a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist who conducts seven emergency response activities within 48 hours. It also provides assistance in monitoring identity and restoring good credit. With consumers spending more than 175 hours and $1,000 per occurrence, identity theft protection insurance helps keep your employees productive at work.

Resolution, education and more.

The Identity Defender™ focuses on immediate fraud-related issues and educates your employees on preventive steps they can take to help ensure they’re not victimized again.

When identity theft does occur, fraud resolution is a must. Our program helps employees resolve fraud-related issues when time is not on their side. Our professional staff and highly trained, experienced specialists are available to listen and answer their questions, as well as work with your employees to restore their identities and good credit.

Offer the most comprehensive legal benefits plan available.

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