CDL Defender™ Legal Benefits Plan

Your commercial drivers can face fines, suspension or even revocation of their licenses. CSA is fully active: keep drivers on the road and on the job with legal benefits designed to meet the needs of your drivers and your company.

Through our years of experience, 92 percent of drivers represented in court by U.S. Legal Services are satisfied with the results. Unlike other legal benefit plans, U.S. Legal Services pays 100 percent of all your attorney fees for representation for covered issues.

With new FMCSA rules in effect on August 23, 2014, positive courtroom dispositions such as dismissals and not-guilty verdicts on roadside inspection citations will now be reflected on a driver’s or carrier’s record. Having the CDL Defender™ on your side can help you and your drivers take full advantage of this rule, helping attain a favorable outcome that is accurately reflected on your drivers’ good driving records. Our network attorneys and CDL customer service team understand FMCSA regulations and how they can affect drivers’ livelihoods, and are ready to provide guidance through the process.

With our low-cost CDL Defender legal benefits, your employees are covered while on the job or in their personal vehicles, and their spouses are covered as well. It also provides for pre-existing matters, many personal legal matters, financial coaching and identity theft. U.S. Legal Services defends your CDL drivers and their families with attorneys who know the rules of the road. We can even assist with CSA DataQs Challenges.

These are summaries of the coverage that your employees will receive with CDL Defender™ legal benefits:

  • DataQ Challenges
  • Consultation services
  • Identity theft protection
  • Coverage for spouse in both commercial and personal vehicles
  • Financial coaching
  • Discounted legal services for personal matters

Offer the most comprehensive legal benefits plan available.

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Your drivers need to stay on the road to earn their livelihood and you need them on the road to keep freight moving. Our legal benefits plan focuses on helping your drivers when they may be facing fines or the suspension or revocation of their CDLs. Unlike other legal benefit plans for commercial truck drivers, CDL Defender™ pays 100 percent of attorney fees for representation on covered issues (meaning that the driver and his/her spouse are covered for all non-criminal violations - moving, non-moving and DOT in commercial and personal vehicles alike - and we can also provide guidance on making sure that positive courtroom dispositions are properly reflected on driver and carrier records when dismissals and non-guilty verdicts are achieved. Over the years, 92 percent of the drivers covered by our plan who have been represented in court are satisfied with results. To talk about how this plan can protect your company and your drivers, contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS today.
Our company was founded more than 40 years ago to make access to attorneys more streamlined and affordable, providing just the legal services needed. The CDL Defender™ legal benefits plan offers what truckers need to stay on the road, which is exactly where your carrier company needs them to be. Our plan pays 100 percent of attorney fees for representation on covered issues, moving, non-moving and DOT. We also assist with and/or perform all non-frivolous DataQs challenges to make sure that positive courtroom dispositions are accurately reflected on your drivers' records. The CDL Defender™ plan is easy to implement and manage, and attorneys in the plan are in the areas where incidents occur and experienced in relevant state laws. These attorneys and your U.S. Legal Services customer service team understand FMCSA regulations and how they can impact a driver's livelihood. To get started offering this voluntary benefit plan to your drivers, contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS today.
When we cover a moving or non-moving violation, it is 100 percent covered, with 100 percent of the attorney fees paid for drivers and their spouses. We also assist with and/or perform DataQs challenges, and you're covered when you need consultation services. We even include identity theft protection, something that commercial truck drivers may need more than the general population. We help with issues related to:
  • unsafe driving
  • fatigued driving
  • driver fitness
  • controlled substance/alcohol issues
  • vehicle maintenance issues
  • cargo-related issues
  • crash indicator issues
  • and more
More specifically, unsafe driving issues that are covered include speeding, bypassing weigh stations, reckless driving, improper lane usage, failure to obey traffic signs, following too closely, and improper/unsafe passing. Assistance with HOS compliance includes when hours of service are said to be exceeded, or that the log book was incomplete or inaccurate. We cover driver fitness issues such as when a driver is disqualified or there is no medical card, or an invalid or expired one. We cover crash indicator issues, such as negligent driving or failure to yield. And, we also cover vehicle maintenance issues, including unsecured loads, tire tread issues, inoperative headlamps, inadequate brake systems, and overweight/overlength issues. Hazardous materials issues covered include those connected to unsecure loads, invalid/improper placards, hazardous materials, leaking containers, and improper packaging. The plan also provides financial coaching for members, along with spousal coverage for both commercial and personal vehicles. When members have personal legal needs, they can receive discounts on those services. In sum, U.S. Legal Services offers the most comprehensive legal plans available so to get started for your employees, contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS today.
CDL Defender™ members have access to assistance and/or challenge performance throughout the entire DataQs process for all non-frivolous challenges. This has been particularly valuable for drivers and carrier companies since 2014 when the FMCSA implemented a new policy that allows violation removal from the MCMIS if a positive courtroom outcome is reached. This policy gives drivers and carrier companies the chance to have much more accurate driver profiles but, after a citation is dismissed, records aren't automatically updated. To make that happen, a Request for Data Review (RDR) needs to be submitted via the DataQs system, and we provide that service, both supporting the right to challenge the data and submitting required certified documentation as needed. If you'd like to make this service available to your commercial truck drivers, contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS today.
Commercial truck drivers can be more vulnerable to identity theft crimes than the average person. This is true, in part, because of how much time they spend on the road, perhaps not opening mail for weeks at a time; so fraudulent credit card charges and red flags on bank statements may not be seen quickly. That's why we include identity theft protection in our CDL Defender™ legal benefits plan. Members will receive fast assistance by trained Fraud Resolution Specialists, available around the clock to assist in fraud-related emergencies. We help plan members resolve problems and restore their identities and credit. Here's what your drivers will receive in identity theft protection under our plan. To protect your drivers and to keep their minds on the road instead of on problems with identity theft, contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS today.
They'll have access to a nationwide network of well-vetted attorneys who have significant knowledge of FMCSA regulations. Because laws vary by state, your drivers will have access to attorneys who practice where citations occur and who are familiar with state and local regulations.
The plan is easy to implement and administer for you, and enrollment is simple for drivers. Contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you to the U.S Legal Services family.
Limitations and exclusions apply. Insurance products are underwritten by U.S. Legal Services, Inc. Defender™ products are provided by U.S. Legal Services, Inc. , depending on the product and state. This material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract.
* Please refer to your summary plan description for your specific plan details.