Identity Defender

It can take up to five years to resolve the credit problems that result from identity theft, the fastest-growing crime in the nation. Victims have little assistance available to resolve identity theft issues, which may cost more than $1,000 per occurrence. With the Identity Defender, you have access to help from specialists who’ll work with you to restore your identity and good credit.

Fast and affordable identity theft assistance

The Identity Defender connects you to highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialists™ who provide emergency response within 48 hours. Depending upon the specific plan in which you’re enrolled, you may also receive a free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit™ and a $25,000 Identity Theft Protection Policy. Our team will administer the costly steps needed to dispute fraudulent debt that result from identity theft and follow up with you as they monitor fraud resolution progress.

Your coverage and our process

Our Fraud Resolution Program is a confidential and easily accessible service that provides an administrative structure for dealing with identity theft. With a call to customer service, members receive a free 60-minute consultation with a trained and experienced Fraud Resolution Specialist.

When a member calls, the Fraud Resolution Specialist will take these seven emergency response steps:

  1. Provide a Uniform ID Theft Affidavit, answer any questions about competing the affidavit and provide counsel on submitting it to the proper authorities, credit bureaus and creditors.
  2. Furnish separate fraudulent account statements for itemizing each fraudulent occurrence and advise where to submit the statements.
  3. Provide information on where to report the fraudulent activity and how to notify local and federal authorities and creditors’ fraud departments.
  4. Furnish contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies.
  5. Provide information on how to obtain a free copy of credit reports and how to place a fraud alert on credit records.
  6. Provide an ID Theft Emergency Response Kit.
  7. Provide education on how identity theft occurs and inform the member of protective measures to take to avoid further ID theft occurrences.

Additional services

Depending upon your specific plan benefits, you may also receive:

  •  Expense reimbursement: Up to $25,000 in identity theft expense reimbursement.*
  • Lost wages up to: $500 per week for a maximum of four weeks, included in the $25,000 maximum.
  • Deductible: $0.00 per policy period.

Free 30-minute legal consultations

Provide member with free office or telephonic legal consultation per separate legal matter related to identity theft. If the member chooses to retain a participating attorney, they will be provided with a preferred rate deduction of 25 percent from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. Matters may include criminal (wrongful arrest or incarceration) or civil issues (destruction of credit reputation, credit issuers or credit agencies, refusing to correct negative reports, defending against creditor claims or lawsuits, working with Social Security for issuance of new Social Security number).

Free 30-minute financial consultations

Each member is entitled to no-cost telephonic consultation with financial counselors. Members can receive help with a broad array of financial concerns, including credit counseling, debt, etc.Each Fraud Resolution Specialist is a qualified customer service professional and is both certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and holds a Certification as a Consumer Interviewer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The average customer service experience of the Fraud Resolution Specialist group is 13 years. Our professional staff and highly trained specialists are available to listen to your issues, answer your questions and assist with restoring your identity and good credit.

The Identity Theft Defender upgrade

One of the most powerful upgrades to the Identity Theft Defender is to provide Identity Protection AND Monitoring of a member’s Social Security Number. This service endeavors to prevent both credit and noncredit oriented ID thefts. ID Monitoring provides a national name and Social Security Number/Date of Birth (SSN/DOB) search. This member service screens a vast number of national databases, including credit bureau data and major data aggregators, for any use of a member’s SSN and name (including name variations, e.g. John Smith and Johnny Smyth), as well as data mining of the member’s address and DOB. These national database searches can provide early and critical indicators that there is usage and/or fraudulent activity taking place. ID Monitoring works to catch activity that often precedes fraudulent credit and debt creation, as well as identity fraud that would never hit a credit bureau, such as an identity thief using a member’s SSN/DOB to take a job or buy a car (with cash) in another city or state.

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*Insurance underwritten by member companies of Chartis. The description herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusion of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of the coverage and exclusions. Coverage not available to residents of New York and may not be available in other jurisdictions. Not sponsored or approved by the United States Government or any Department or Agency thereof.