Popular uses for legal insurance benefit plans

For those in the midst of dealing with them, legal matters are rarely considered “routine” when they disrupt life at work and at home, and take time, attention and money to resolve. Some legal issues are more commonly encountered than others, however, and with a legal benefits plan in place, they’re more easily and efficiently managed.

Commonly accessed legal benefit services

Financial matters: This is a broad category that may include debt-related issues, such as collection defense, identity theft, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and tax audit assistance. Because finance-related issues affect nearly everyone at some point, having prepaid legal services at hand can make managing these matters less stressful and time-consuming. In the case of identity theft alone, Federal Trade Commission reports show that it can take more than 170 hours and up to three years for victims to restore their credit and identities.

Estate planning services: Another common use of group legal benefits is planning for the future with activities such as the preparation of wills and setting up powers of attorney or trusts. While do-it-yourself wills and other forms are widely available online, the counsel of an attorney is essential to the thorough preparation of the documents that are so important to a family’s or individual’s future. Expert counsel also ensures that these critical documents will be held up in a court of law.

Real estate matters: Legal insurance plans are often utilized for real estate transactions and other property-related activities, including the sale or purchase of primary homes or investment properties, foreclosures, refinancing, property tax assessments, deeds, landlord/tenant issues and more. Considering that buying or selling real estate is often the largest financial transaction many people will ever make, the guidance provided by legal benefit plans can be invaluable in protecting one’s interests.

Civil actions: Whether as the defendant or plaintiff, assistance with civil matters is a popular service among users of legal insurance plans. This category may include small claims assistance, civil litigation defense, immigration assistance and more.

Criminal matters and traffic violations: The restoration of driving privileges, the defense of misdemeanors, license suspension matters and the defense of other criminal charges may be included in prepaid legal service plans.

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Legal insurance plans are an affordable way to make sure legal assistance is available when it’s needed most. At U.S. Legal Services, we provide the most comprehensive legal benefit plans in the industry. Learn more about all of the benefits our members enjoy.