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Supporting the Trucking Industry

A new initiative in the trucking industry is taking shape to inform the public about trucking’s critical role in and contributions to the strength of our nation’s economy. As a partner providing the CDL Defender™ legal benefits plan to commercial drivers, U.S. Legal Services is proud to support the Trucking Moves America Forward movement. Creating jobs and Read the full article…

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Full legal benefit plans or EAP legal referral services: Know the difference for your employees

With the growing popularity of legal benefits as part of employers’ overall benefits packages, many different types of group legal plans are now on the market. As with any benefit that you offer your employees, there is a wide range of types of plans and the levels of assistance they provide. Knowing more about two Read the full article…

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CDL legal insurance: Roadworthy coverage for professional drivers

Anyone who gets behind the wheel could find themselves facing driving-related legal issues, but for commercial drivers, the stakes can be unusually high. Due to stringent regulations on both drivers and carriers, traffic violations can result in fines, license suspension or revocation, or even a loss of a driver’s livelihood. To help keep drivers on Read the full article…

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