Importance of Clean Driving Records for Truckers

If you’re a professional driver or motor carrier, or you manage truck drivers for your company, you already know that one of a driver’s biggest assets is a clean record. In fact, a truck driver’s career depends upon it, as an article in points out. More specifically, the writer shares the following: “I just can’t stress this enough—keep your license clean and make smart decisions. It can mean the difference between finding work and keeping your career, or watching your life come to a screeching halt.”

Because a commercial driving license (CDL) is regulated by the federal government, professional drivers are held to a higher standard than a typical driver on the road, with more significant consequences when a driving infraction occurs. From a motor carrier company’s perspective, there are significant costs associated with when drivers’ records are no longer clean. This is a cause of driver turnover, which means that the company will now need to absorb the costs of finding and hiring replacement drivers, train them, and then perhaps have less experienced drivers on the road. As this process takes place, the company may struggle to keep freight moving as it should. The bottom line is that driver disqualification should be avoided whenever possible!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides answers to questions you may have about driver disqualification. As just one example, the FMCSA discusses the definition of leaving the scene of an accident if you’re driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) – and it’s an all-inclusive one because the driver of a CMV is required to stop after an accident occurs. The driver needs to exchange relevant information with other parties, whenever applicable; to provide aid, if possible; and to make a good-faith attempt to notify owners/operators of vehicles that were involved in a crash.

FMCSA Rule: Effective August 23, 2014

In 2014, an important FMCSA rule went into effect. Dismissals of a charge and not guilty verdicts are now included on the record of an individual driver or a carrier. It’s crucial to take advantage of this positive courtroom disposition ruling to ensure that this information is appropriately recorded in relevant records.

CDL Defender™ Truck Drivers Legal Plan

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