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The Benefits of Legal Insurance for Commercial Drivers.

Everyone can benefit from having a legal insurance plan in place, but professional drivers are in a unique work environment that can make accessible legal representation particularly valuable.

Because the coverage included in your group’s U.S. Legal Services legal insurance plan may vary, please check with your group’s administrator for specific benefit details.

In addition to the standard rules of the road that all drivers are subject to, professional drivers must also comply with myriad laws and regulations pertaining to safety, equipment, hours of service, weight limits, securing cargo, and much more. For long-distance drivers, there are also laws that vary from state to state. The complexity of legal matters that can be associated with commercial driving makes legal insurance an important protection for drivers, whose licenses — or even livelihoods — are at stake.

The CDL Defender™, the legal insurance plan offered by U.S. Legal Services, provides coverage for a comprehensive range of legal matters affecting drivers, who gain these benefits and more:

Assistance with DataQs: With the FMCSA’s implementation of a new policy in 2014 that allowed for violations to be removed from the MCMIS if they are dismissed without fines or result in a not-guilty verdict, drivers can have more accurate driver profiles when positive outcomes are reached. Records are not automatically updated to show all dismissed citations, however — a Request for Data Review (RDR) must be submitted through the DataQs system.

CDL Defender™ plan members have access to assistance with the DataQs challenge process, which can help ensure that a dismissed or reduced citation is accurately reflected on CSA scores. This service includes support of drivers’ rights to challenge the data and the submission of the required certified documentation for DataQs challenges.

Full coverage of attorneys’ fees: U.S. Legal Services pays 100 percent of all attorneys’ fees for representation for all moving and non-moving violations.

Local attorneys: Because we have a nationwide network of qualified attorneys who understand FMCSA regulations and practice where citations occur, plan members have the advantage of local representation, even when they’re on the road hundreds of miles away.

Coverage for non-driving related legal matters: The CDL Defender™ provides consultation services, identity theft protection, coverage for spouses in commercial and personal vehicles, discounted legal services for personal matters, and more.

Consult with a Network Attorney

If you’re a professional driver and are a member of the CDL Defender™ legal insurance plan, you have access to affordable and qualified legal assistance. For details on the specific benefits and services your plan provides, please check with your group’s plan administrator.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice. Each situation and matter is unique and should be discussed with a U.S. Legal Services network attorney.