Organizations in Tennessee can expand their benefits portfolios with comprehensive group legal expenses insurance

Today’s workforce values employer benefits more than ever, and employers are responding with voluntary benefits that help employees better manage their time and money. Legal insurance plans help meet employees’ needs by providing easier access to affordable legal representation, giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing that expert assistance is close at hand. Group legal benefits meet employers’ needs as well, helping to reduce absenteeism and attract and retain great employees.

At U.S. Legal Services, we help organizations in Tennessee meet the demand for innovative benefits with our easy-to-administer legal service plans. These group legal benefits function much like some healthcare plans—consider them “managed legal care.” Our plans are simple to implement and are available at no cost to the companies that offer them.

Legal insurance coverage for a full range of needs.

Group legal benefit plans from U.S. Legal Services are the most comprehensive on the market and cover the most commonly needed legal services. With our nationwide network of attorneys, employees have access to legal help near their homes and workplaces.

Our group legal plans include:

  • The Family Defender™: Consumer groups have recognized this as the broadest legal insurance plan in the industry. It offers coverage for a wide range of legal issues, including but not limited to traffic violations, simple and living wills, estate planning, criminal violations, divorce, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and much more.
  • The CDL Defender™: This plan was created for the unique legal needs of commercial truck drivers and motor carriers. It provides critical legal assistance that helps prevent CDLs from being suspended or revoked, keep points off of drivers’ records, and reduces fines. It also provides support for DataQs challenges and access to attorneys in the areas or states where violations occur.
  • The Identity Defender™: This valuable plan enhancement meets the rapidly growing need for help in managing identity theft and fraud. U.S. Legal Services offers plan members the support of our Fraud Resolution Specialists™ team, which includes a free one-hour consultation and expert guidance through the process of dealing with fraudulent activity.

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Private and public organizations such as financial institutions, universities, healthcare companies, municipalities and many others have discovered the advantages of offering U.S. Legal Services group legal benefits plans. To learn more about the details of our plans, our industry-leading national attorney network, and our excellent customer service team: