Expand your voluntary benefits portfolio with comprehensive group legal plans from U.S. Legal Services

As employees become increasingly interested in non-traditional benefits, more employers are looking toward voluntary benefits such as group legal insurance plans to meet the needs of their current and prospective employees. Much like health care plans, legal insurance can be thought of as managed legal care that helps employees stay prepared for legal matters that may arise.

Unlike a referral service, U.S. Legal Services pays virtually 100 percent of attorneys’ fees for covered services, and our plans are available at no cost to employers.

We offer a full range of prepaid legal plans.

Since our founding in 1974, we’ve responded to the growing demand for legal insurance by creating several plans designed to meet the specific needs of our plan members. We offer the most comprehensive plans in the industry, including:

  • The Family Defender™: This comprehensive plan covers the legal issues that are most often needed, such as traffic citations, family law matters, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate planning, the preparation of legal documents, consumer law, real estate transactions, and much more.
  • The CDL Defender™: Commercial truck drivers and the motor carriers that depend upon them have unique legal representation needs, particularly in today’s regulatory environment. CDL Defender™ plan members have affordable access to attorneys in our nationwide network who understand the legal landscape of commercial driving as well as the laws in their respective states. Plan members also have the support of our expert CDL customer service team, including assistance with DataQs challenges.
  • The Identity Defender™: This special plan enhancement provides exceptional benefits—with identity theft on the rise, protecting one’s identity is more important than ever. The Identity Defender™ provides access to specialists in our Fraud Resolution Services division, helping members restore their identities and credit with a range of services.

How our plans help your organization

Legal issues often go hand-in-hand with financial issues: A person facing legal problems may worry how he or she will pay for representation, or the problem itself may be related to debt or the financial effects of divorce. Employees who must deal with legal or financial problems may become less productive or less focused on their work. With affordable, accessible legal help at hand, however, employees are freed from many of these concerns.

In addition to better on-the-job performance, voluntary legal benefits can help make companies and organizations more competitive, and attract and retain great employees.

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Our legal insurance plans are offered by organizations across a wide range of industries, including government agencies, private and public companies, universities and school systems, large healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and more. Simple to administer, with custom billing statements and custom enrollment procedures available, group legal benefits from U.S. Legal Services makes quality legal assistance affordable and accessible.

If you are interested in offering this valuable voluntary benefit plan to your employees: