Employers in Maryland can offer their valued employees an affordable, easy-to-administer legal insurance plan

Our group legal plans

We offer the most comprehensive legal plans available, backed by an industry-leading network of attorneys that employees can access close to where they live or work. Legal insurance plans from U.S. Legal Services give our members peace of mind, knowing that high-quality legal help is always at hand.

Coverage is offered through these comprehensive plans:

  • The Family Defender™ plan provides coverage for everyday legal issues, including personal injury, traffic violations, real estate matters, civil actions, wills, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, criminal violations and more.
  • The CDL Defender™ meets the legal needs of commercial truck drivers and carriers. This plan helps drivers keep points off of their records and can help them protect their CDLs from being revoked or suspended. Unlike other plans, ours pays 100 percent of the attorney fees for covered matters.
  • The Identity Defender™ is a plan enhancement that helps members deal with the increasing threat of identity theft. Our Fraud Resolution Specialists™ are highly trained to help our members manage the restoration of their good credit.

Who can benefit from U.S. Legal Services plans.

Our plans offer these benefits and more to members, employers, agents and attorneys:

  • Members gain entrance to affordable and accessible legal services. Legal matters can be managed and resolved in a timely manner in most cases, with fewer complications than seeking an attorney on their own may involve.
  • Employers can meet the growing demand for valuable voluntary benefits. With our plans available at no cost to employers, plus exceptional customer service every step of the way, you can easily offer an important benefit that helps you attract and retain great employees.
  • Agents have a new value-added benefit to provide to their clients with a product that’s easy to register to sell, with low administrative requirements and a strong renewal stream.
  • Attorneys gain new clients and a steady source of revenue as a U.S. Legal Services Network Attorney. We have a streamlined claims process and give our attorneys the flexibility to choose the areas of law they wish to practice.

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Give your employees access to legal services, identity theft defense and more with the most comprehensive group legal insurance plans available today.

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