Legal Insurance Plans for Employers in Washington

Offer comprehensive group legal plans to your employees at no cost to your Washington company.

Your organization’s success depends on attracting and retaining the best employees, and offering a robust portfolio of benefits can help. In addition, today’s workforce wants innovative benefits that can help them save money and time. Voluntary benefits such as group legal insurance fit the bill in both instances.

The advantages of legal benefit plans.

Group legal insurance makes access to attorneys more affordable for your employees, but there are advantages for employers as well. When your employees have a legal issue arise, having a legal plan in place and legal representation available results in less absenteeism and wasted work time. Since legal matters are very often tied to stressful financial worries, legal insurance can even help reduce healthcare costs.

Best of all, the comprehensive plans from U.S. Legal Services are simple to administer and are provided to your employees at no cost to you. We have an excellent customer service team to support you and your employees’ needs, and the industry’s leading attorney network.

Comprehensive prepaid legal plans for all types of employees.

  • The Family Defender™ is designed to serve your employees’ most common legal issues, from divorce and traffic violations, to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and estate planning. Our plan has been lauded by consumer groups for having the broadest coverage in the industry.
  • The CDL Defender™ meets the unique needs of commercial truck drivers and motor carriers. It can help keep points off of drivers’ records, reduce fines, and help prevent CDLs from being suspended or even revoked. One special feature—assistance with DataQ challenges—is especially valuable as industry regulations were recently changed to allow positive courtroom outcomes to be accurately reflected on drivers’ and motor carriers’ records.
  • The Identity Defender™ is a plan enhancement that provides one of the most in-demand benefits today: help with managing the growing problem of identity theft and fraud. Our  Fraud Resolution Specialists™ are available to assist plan members in navigating the process of responding to fraudulent activity and restoring good credit.

Find out how our affordable prepaid legal services can help your company.

Financial institutions, healthcare companies, government entities, and universities are just a few of the organizations that have taken advantage of the benefits that U.S. Legal Services’ plans provide. If you’d like to learn more about how our plans can help your Washington organization, please call us at 1-800-356-LAWS or contact us online today.