U.S. Legal Services proudly offers group legal plans to employers throughout Florida. Our plans are designed to defend employees and their families with a wide range of services using attorneys near where they live or work

With our continuing expansion, more companies across the country can offer employees the most comprehensive group legal plans available today. This not only gives employers greater flexibility and a valuable new addition to their benefits packages — it also means that agents and attorneys in Florida have access to a new source of revenue.

Who can benefit from group legal plans?

From greater access to legal representation for members to access to new clients for attorneys, U.S. Legal Services offers a wide range of benefits:

  • For members. A legal insurance plan from U.S. Legal Services provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that legal services will be available should the need for help arise.
  • For employers. Our group legal plans are simple to administer and can help keep employees focused on their work instead of their legal-related concerns.
  • For agentsBacked by superior customer service, U.S. Legal Services agents can provide a value-added benefit to their clients and gain new income.
  • For attorneys. Our Network Attorneys gain connections to new clients and a consistent source of revenue.

Comprehensive legal benefits plans

  • The legal services needed most often are covered by The Family Defender™ . This plan makes legal representation affordable and easily accessible for everyone. It’s been recognized by consumer groups as the broadest legal insurance plan in the industry.
  • Commercial truck drivers have unique legal needs, and The CDL Defender™ meets them. It’s designed to defend drivers who receive citations on the road, both in commercial and personal vehicles.
  • With The Identity Defender™ plan enhancement, members have access to highly trained specialists who can help restore their identities and good credit.

Learn more about our no-cost enhancement to Florida employers’ benefits packages

With low premiums, the most comprehensive group legal plans available and an industry-leading network of attorneys, U.S. Legal Services gives employees an affordable way to prevent or resolve their legal issues.

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