Companies in Virginia can offer their employees access to high-quality, affordable legal services

Voluntary benefits are growing in popularity, and group legal benefits plan are one reason why. To help employers in Virginia meet this burgeoning demand, U.S. Legal Services offers comprehensive, easy-to-administer legal service plans.

Our plans are the most comprehensive on the market, covering all of the most commonly access legal services. They function like some health care plans and can be considered “managed legal care.”  Our group legal plans are available at no cost to the companies that offer them and are simple to set up.

Employees and their families have fast access to legal representation near where they live or work with our legal insurance plans. Because our offering is a benefit rather than simply a referral service, we pay nearly 100 percent of attorneys’ fees for the services covered by our plans. Here are just some of the legal matters and associated services that our legal insurance plans cover at fewer than 65 cents a day:

  • Office and phone consultations
  • Immigration
  • Criminal violations
  • Adoptions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Consumer law
  • Traffic violations
  • Personal injury
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Affordable, accessible coverage.

Give your employees the peace of mind U.S. Legal Services group legal plans provide:

  • Comprehensive coverage sets our The Family Defender™ apart from all other legal insurance plans. It covers all of the common legal issues your employees may face and is easy to understand and access. The Family Defender™ has earned the distinction from consumer groups as being the broadest and most comprehensive group legal insurance plan in the industry.
  • Carriers and drivers benefit from The CDL Defender™, which provides commercial truck drivers fast access to legal services when they need it most. With benefits to both drivers and their families, the CDL Defender™ helps keep drivers on the road when they receive citations in their commercial or personal vehicles. Unlike other legal insurance plans, our specialized plan for drivers pays 100% of attorneys’ fees for representation for covered issues.
  • The credit problems that arise from identity theft can take years to resolve. That’s why we offer The Identity Defender™, which provides access to highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialists who work with plan members to restore good credit. This plan enhancement gives identity theft victims expert, confidential assistance that’s fast and affordable.

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Help your employees stay focused on their work instead of their legal issues with our no-cost enhancements to your voluntary benefits package.

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