Attract and retain top talent with group legal insurance plans from U.S. Legal Services

Voluntary benefits are meeting the needs of employers seeking innovative ways to expand their benefits portfolios and the needs of employees who increasingly value non-traditional benefits. U.S. Legal Services offers a way for Kentucky companies and organizations to provide one such valued benefit with our comprehensive group legal insurance plans.

Our legal benefit plans cover the legal services your employees need the most, from family law to traffic violations. You can add this to your benefits portfolio at no cost to you, while gaining all of the advantages of providing a benefit that gives your employees the peace of mind of knowing that help with legal issues is easily accessible. Like health care plans, group legal benefits serve as managed legal care that helps your employees stay focused on their jobs instead of their legal issues.

Comprehensive prepaid legal services.

For more than four decades, U.S. Legal Services has served the needs of companies and organizations seeking easy-to-administer benefits that deliver valuable services. Our plans are the most comprehensive in the industry, and are backed by a nationwide network of qualified attorneys.

Group legal plans from U.S. Legal Services include:

  • The Family Defender™: Recognized by consumer groups as the broadest legal plan in the industry, The Family Defender™ offers coverage for the most commonly accessed legal services, including divorce, estate planning, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, criminal violations, family law, legal document preparation, adoptions, civil actions, and much more.
  • The CDL Defender™: Representation for traffic violations and other driving-related legal issues is essential for those whose livelihoods depend upon their ability to stay on the road. In the current regulatory environment, having affordable legal representation can mean the difference between earning an income and having a suspended—or even revoked—CDL. This innovative legal plan includes access to our experienced customer service team, who can help with DataQs challenges and more.
  • The Identity Defender™: Identity theft and fraud are on the rise, with more consumers at risk every day. This special plan enhancement offers the support of Fraud Resolution Specialists™ who are ready to provide expert help with the identity and credit restoration processes for plan members.

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Businesses and organizations of all sizes and types have discovered the advantages of providing legal insurance benefits, including universities, financial and health care institutions, municipalities, and more. We invite you to learn more about how U.S. Legal Services can help your Kentucky company or organization expand your benefits portfolio. Please call 1-800-356-LAWS or contact us online today.