Just as many types of health care plans are considered managed care, our legal insurance plans are much like managed legal care. At no cost to Arizona employers, our group legal insurance benefits are affordable for employees as well, starting at less than 65 cents per day.

U.S. Legal Services provides the most comprehensive group legal plans on the market. Our products are also supported by expert customer service teams, who are ready to help our members, employer clients, agents and attorneys take advantage of all of the benefits we offer:

  • Our Family Defender™ plan covers the services that our members need most often, including wills, personal injury, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, traffic violations, civil actions, real estate transactions and much more. Plan members gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that quality legal assistance is easily accessible when legal issues arise.
  • Commercial truck drivers and motor carriers gain exceptional coverage through the CDL Defender™  that helps protect drivers’ CDLs and keep points off of their records. With upcoming changes to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, positive courtroom outcomes will be reflected on carriers’ and drivers’ records, making quality legal representation even more important to keeping drivers and freight on the road.
  • Our Identity Defender™ plan enhancement provides expert assistance for members experiencing identity theft issues. Our specialists work to help members restore their identities and good credit and provide emergency response within 48 hours.

How group legal insurance plans support your business goals.

With legal help readily at hand, employees who are dealing with legal issues can stay focused on their work and remain productive. Our comprehensive plans cover the most-often needed legal matters at an affordable price. With the impact that legal costs can have on personal finances, our voluntary legal benefit plans can help reduce the impact that legal concerns can have on the workplace, from poor job performance to increased absenteeism. Our legal insurance plans also contribute to your company’s competitiveness by helping you attract and retain great employees.

Who can benefit from our group legal plans?

  • Plan members are prepared to quickly manage legal issues when they arise with easy access to experienced legal assistance.
  • Employers and benefits managers can offer a valuable new voluntary benefit program that’s supported by excellent customer service.
  • Attorneys in our network tap into a new source of clients and revenue with the flexibility to select particular areas of law.
  • Agents gain a new product offering with low administrative requirements and is simple to register to sell.

We invite Arizona employers to learn more today.

Attract and retain great employees with comprehensive group legal benefits from U.S. Legal Services.

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