Group legal plans are now available to employers in California. Our continued expansion across the U.S. makes affordable legal services more accessible for employees and gives employers more options for their benefits packages. Agents and attorneys in California benefit as well with a new channel for revenue.

The most comprehensive legal service plans available.

Group legal plans are an affordable benefit for both employers and employees. Voluntary legal plans from U.S. Legal Services are the most comprehensive in the industry, and offer the industry’s leading network of attorneys.

Here’s what our legal insurance plans have to offer:

Affordable and accessible legal services for members.
Members have easy access to the services of an attorney right in their area.

Increased competitiveness for employers.
Great employees are your best assets, and a comprehensive benefits plan can help you attract and retain them.

Connections to new clients for attorneys.
Gain a steady source of new revenue as a U.S. Legal Services Network Attorney.

A valuable new offering for agents.
Satisfy employers’ demands for legal services plans in their benefits packages.

Legal benefits plans from U.S. Legal Services.

  • The Family Defender™ provides comprehensive coverage. This plan is designed to defend your employees with a wide range of services, accessible near where they work or live. The Family Defender™ covers all of the most common services, including divorce, traffic violations, debt, lawsuits, child support and custody and much more.
  • The CDL Defender™ meets the needs of commercial truck drivers. Your commercial drivers can face fines, suspension or even the revocation of their licenses. The CDL Defender™ helps protect your employees’ livelihood and is designed specifically for the unique needs of this industry.
  • The Identity Defender™ provides access to Fraud Resolution Specialists. This is an affordable and expedient plan enhancement that provides employees with access to emergency response activities and assistance with identity monitoring and restoring credit.

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Help your employees focus on their work instead of their legal matters with the peace of mind that a U.S. Legal Services plan delivers. We offer low premiums, exceptional customer service and more.

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