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We extend the heartiest welcome to you!  You are joining the rapidly growing industry of prepaid legal service plans in the United States and your decision to be a part of it is a sound one.

In Western Europe, legal service plans are utilized by 75-80% of the population.  While plans such as ours are growing in popularity and acceptance in the U.S., they are used by only 12% of the population.

Many people are not even aware that legal expense insurance exists.  Over 75% of the American public has never been offered this service.  After 30 years of doing business in our own hometown, we are still calling on companies who have never been approached to offer this type of service to their employees.

Upon graduation from law school, John Forbes, a founder, worked with Legal Aid as a Public Defender. It was during this time that he realized how many people did not know how to access the legal system, and much less was able to afford the use of an attorney when they really needed it. It was at this time that he came across the concept of a legal service plan.

There are many types of legal plans available on the market today.  Some provide consultation only; some offer discounted attorney’s fees; some provide a toll-free number where an attorney may be located in another county or state.  Our plan will provide an attorney and pay the legal fees for nearly every type of legal problem a person might encounter.

In operation, the plan is simple.  Plan members call the customer service department at U.S. Legal and are provided with contact information for a local attorney that practices the specified type of law they require.  The member then simply calls the attorney and sets up an appointment to meet with him/her.  And the low monthly premium they pay allows them to meet with their attorney without paying hourly attorney’s fees. This plan works the way the public wants it, the way your clients want it and the way you want it. This plan works!

We congratulate you again on your wisdom in selecting our company.  We know you are aware of the other legal service plans available and you would not be joining us if you did not think we had a superior product.  You are the kind of person that is motivated, honest, and ethical and we know you want to offer the best possible plan to your prospective clients.

We promise that we will continue to offer the very best legal service plan available.  We will strive to have the best, most capable attorneys to represent you and your clients in an effective manner.  We further pledge that if you or your clients have difficulties utilizing our service, we will solve your problems as quickly as possible.  We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to us to deliver quality service to all of our customers.  We work very hard to keep our members and your clients satisfied—every single one of them!

We look forward to working with you to make justice available and affordable to everyone.  We provide a valuable and needed service to all those who join our plan and we save many people thousands of dollars each and every day.  Should you need me to help you achieve our mutual goal of helping other people, please do not hesitate to call us.


John R. Forbes & Marie M. Forbes