OCT 18 2017

Life Events That Can Lead to Identity Theft

Written By Anne-Marie | Filed Under Identity Protection

Discover which life events can lead to identity theft, its negative impacts, and how to protect yourself and your employees from identity theft consequences.

SEP 18 2017

How Legal Plans Save Caregivers Money

By providing employees with access to a legal plan, you help ease their caregiving situations in multiple ways. Here’s how legal plans save caregivers money.

AUG 29 2017

Is Group Legal Worth it for College Students?

The reality is that, yes, college students all too often run into legal issues—many times not their fault—and need help. Here are three of them.

AUG 21 2017

Assumptions vs Analysis: Are Cited Drivers Always at Fault?

Written By Anne-Marie | Filed Under CDL Legal Insurance

Traffic citations are normal in the trucking industry, but is it safe to assume that every driver who is cited is guilty simply by virtue of having been cited?

JUL 27 2017

Is Group Legal Worth It for People Without Legal Challenges?

If you’re deciding whether your company should offer group legal benefits to employees, the answer is yes, because financial planning services are included.