I am following up with the billing on this matter. I can tell you that you and your client received one heck of a value on this case – especially given the result; the ticket was dismissed outright.
KE Muskegon, MI - CDL Defender Member

Thank you for appointing such a fine attorney to handle my case! I really thought I was going to lose my livelihood over this. It happened in a city far from home and it scared both me and my wife. I'm so glad I signed up with U.S. Legal.
HC Prospect Hill, NC - CDL Defender Member

Wanted to let you know that the attorney you assigned me was able to get the charges dropped and the case dismissed. Can't tell you how good it feels to be back on the road without that hanging over my head. Thanks for all your help!
BV Corinth, MS - CDL Defender Member

Thank you for the great work that both SM and MB are doing in the CDL Department. Both of these fine people are being talked about at Carrier for getting attorneys for the drivers very quickly. GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work.
MC Belleview, FL - CDL Defender Member

I've been talking to other truckers and they've told me how you were able to get their tickets reduced or dismissed. I have to tell you that I didn't really believe it, until it happened to me. Thank you for doing such a fine job! If I ever leave the company I'm with now, I swear I'll pay the premium on my own. This is definitely worth the price.
LH Point, TX - CDL Defender Member

I joined U.S. Legal only a month ago. Now I wish I'd joined earlier as it would have saved me a ton of money and hassle. The attorney you assigned to fight my ticket was excellent! Very glad to know you're on my side. Thank you.
JA Gypsum, CO - CDL Defender Member

Thanks for your help with the speeding ticket. I swear my truck wasn't going that fast, but I didn't expect the judge to believe me. My attorney was great – he got the ticket dropped. No fine or points or anything! I couldn't have done this on my own. I even got my bail back!
RF Ivanhoe, CA - CDL Defender Member

Want to inform you that the attorney you assigned me followed- through by getting my ticket reduced with no points. I had to pay a fine, but it was less than I was told at the beginning. I appreciated you calling me back so quick, too. You made it easier to deal with all this. Thanks for your help.
JC Meadview, AZ - CDL Defender Member

I knew when the officer pulled me over that I was speeding. I'd just looked down and saw my speedometer as he turned on his lights. But, thanks to the lawyer you assigned, the charges were reduced and I didn't get any points. I'm watching my speed better now, I can tell you. Just wanted to say thank you and God bless.
FP Miami, FL - CDL Defender Member

I am so happy with the attorney you gave me! He was professional, really knew the traffic laws, and he was able to get the case dismissed and the charges dropped. I could hardly believe it when I found out. I didn't have to pay a fine and there aren't any points against me. I'm grateful to USL for the service you've provided me. This is the best money I've ever spent!
MS-J Fort Lauderdale, FL - CDL Defender Member

I wanted to thank you all for helping me keep my job. Your whole department is very professional whenever I call. You're friendly and you always call me back right away. The attorney I had this time was able to get the ticket dismissed, so I don't even have points against me. You do a great service for all of us truckers and we appreciate it. Have a blessed day.
MM Miami, FL - CDL Defender Member

Wanted to let you know that my ticket was reduced with no points. I'm very happy. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
TR Jacksonville, NC - CDL Defender Member

I am very satisfied with all the calls I've made to U.S. Legal. The staff always call me back and are very professional people who work there. Thank you so much.
MG Lauderdale Lakes, FL - Family Defender Member

What an incredible company!! I have to be honest and say that if it were not for their company/attorneys I would have lost my job amongst other things. Customer Service Representative JK was extremely helpful and personally made sure I was taken care of properly!! Thanks again JK!!!
Anonymous 001 - CDL Defender Member

Amazing! A real person immediately answered, plus a very nice person! No button to punch, no music while waiting and waiting. I got an immediate response to my question!
Anonymous 002 - Family Defender Member

I have made two calls to a customer service representative and both were efficient with an email forwarded to the selected attorney within minutes.
Anonymous 003 - Family Defender Member

I felt very at home. The representative’s actions were efficient, very quick and extremely professional at the same time.
Anonymous 004 - Family Defender Member

From the time the representative answered the phone until we completed our business, she was absolutely fantastic, she listened, she responded and she performed all within a very short period of time.
Anonymous 005 - Family Defender Member

RH was especially helpful considering she stayed with me to the end of the problem.
Anonymous 006 - Family Defender Member

DS is a wonderful human being. When you call U.S. Legal Services, you are either hurting, have been hurt or are extremely upset. He listened and acted immediately when I brought my concerns to him. He told me he was working day and night to solve my problem, and for the first time ever, I felt as if he actually was.
Anonymous 007 - Family Defender Member

I would most definitely recommend the attorney to my friends/coworkers. He was very determined to win my case...He went above and beyond my expectations!!!
Anonymous 008 - Family Defender Member

This is a very good process. It made it easy for me to deal with my needs at a reasonable cost.
Anonymous 009 - Family Defender Member

I wanted to say thanks again for your email. I really appreciate your level of service. Have a good day.
Anonymous 010 - CDL Member

Thanks so much for being flexible and offering her service prior to getting the file set up. Love it!
Anonymous 011 - Family Defender Member

Thank you for your assistance. It was a big help.
Anonymous 012 - CDL Member

I really appreciated all your help. You are so nice and professional. Thanks a million!
Anonymous 013 - Family Defender Member

I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance through this process. It is greatly appreciated. :-) God bless you and if I have any further questions I will be contacting you. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Anonymous 014 - CDL Member

The attorney was an incredibly caring, knowledgeable and detailed attorney that I have now referred several friends and colleagues to as well…Not only would I never consider joining a different legal plan, I have convinced several of my colleagues to switch their enrollment to U.S. Legal Services.
Anonymous 015 - Family Defender Member

Most of the time when I've called the lady was very nice and pleasant and answered most of my questions. When I've called back because I didn't understand something she got the answers quickly
Anonymous 016 - U.S. Legal Member

Was very pleased with the service we received.
Anonymous 017 - Anonymous 017

The few times I've needed their services they have been extremely helpful in every way.
Anonymous 018 - Anonymous 018

Professional and helpful in a stressful situation, felt relieved becoming a member.
Anonymous 019 - Anonymous 019

Definitely a great insurance to have, I was not aware that this type even existed.
Anonymous 020 - Anonymous 020

The team in Miami-Dade County has always been remarkably sensitive and responsive.
Anonymous 021 - Anonymous 021

Keep up the good work! I told RH on the phone earlier that of all the plans I work with, U.S. Legal is the best as far as responsiveness, provider relations services. You are all available when there is an issue or question. – U.S. Legal Network Attorney
Anonymous Attorney 001 - Anonymous Attorney 001

I believe everyone should have U.S. Legal Services for their legal options.
Anonymous 022 - Anonymous 022

Thank you so much! You are terrific!
Anonymous 023 - Anonymous 023

Thanks. My third year! Great service! I enlightened at least 3 other teachers this period of enrollment, not only over the other plans but colleagues that had never considered a legal plan. U.S. Legal is the best!
Anonymous 024 - Anonymous 024

Thanks. My third year! Great service! I enlightened at least 3 other teachers this period of enrollment, not only over the other plans but colleagues that had never considered a legal plan. U.S. Legal is the best!
Anonymous 026 - Anonymous 026

I'd recommend to others. You have a great business.
Anonymous 025 - U.S. Legal Member

Very good response by Customer Service Representative!
Anonymous 027 - U.S. Legal Member

Staff is always helpful!
U.S. Legal Member 001 - U.S. Legal Member 001

The front line person gave great customer service each time I've spoken to her.
U.S. Legal Member 002 - U.S. Legal Member

Dear Attorney 00, I just wanted to send you a Thank you letter for representing me in the two different courts in Maryland. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism you exhibited during the entire court process and assisting with the adjudication of the citations I received. I very much appreciate your diligence and direction and would highly recommend your services to all commercial drivers with issues in the state of Maryland. Thanks again!
U.S. Legal Member 003 - U.S. Legal Member

I’m always kept informed as to what was going on with my case.
U.S. Legal Member 004 - U.S. Legal Member

I always recommend this legal plan to others!
U.S. Legal Member 005 - U.S. Legal Member

I received a good attorney that helps people! Perfect job delivered
U.S. Legal Member 006 - U.S. Legal Member

Very satisfied! I plan to stay in plan after I retire.
U.S. Legal Member 007 - U.S. Legal Member

I appreciate what U.S Legal has done for me the past two years! Thanks, God Bless America and God Bless you!
U.S. Legal Member 008 - U.S. Legal Member

Questions? Please contact us and let us know how we can help.