Our legal benefits plans are designed to make legal representation accessible and affordable for everyone. Numerous organizations and consumer groups have recognized legal benefits plans from U.S. Legal Services as the most comprehensive in the industry

We believe our legal benefits cover all the legal services your employees will ever need. We invite you to compare us with any other company providing these services.

Ask us and our competitors these questions:

  • What legal services are covered in your legal benefits plan?
  • How are they covered?
  • How much are they covered?
  • How much of the attorney fees will be paid or covered?
  • Does the plan require claim forms?
  • How do I access an attorney?
  • Do I need permission to see the attorney?
  • How are the attorneys selected?
  • Will my attorney be local?
  • How much does this legal benefits plan cost?

With answers to these questions, the choice will be clear: U.S. Legal Services Family Defender plan is best for you and your employees.

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