A voluntary legal benefits plan from U.S. Legal Services lets your employees focus on their work instead of their legal matters. In the same way that many benefits packages provide access to preventive medicine or dentistry, our plans give your employees access to preventive law.

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Easy to access and administer, our legal insurance plans give you a no-cost enhancement to your company’s benefits package and your employees an affordable way to prevent and/or resolve their legal issues.

U.S. Legal Services delivers:

  • Quality attorneys: Our legal benefits plans are serviced by the industry’s leading attorney network.
  • Customer service: Every member of our support staff is a problem solver with a keen dedication to the satisfaction of all members, employers, attorneys and agents.
  • Low premiums: We have competitive and affordable rates that consistently offer lower premiums than our competitors with greater coverage.
  • The most extensive coverage: We offer the most comprehensive plans in the industry and can tailor our plans to the needs of employers.

Our group legal services plan is relied on by employees in both private and public organizations, from financial institutions and healthcare organizations, to universities and government entities. Explore the links to the right to find out why so many employers turn to U.S. Legal Services for affordable, easy-to-administer legal benefits.

Group legal benefits plans provide peace of mind.

When employees are dealing with concerns such as legal issues, their burdens are often evidenced in the workplace through:

  • Wasted work time
  • Poor job performance
  • Increased healthcare costs
  • Absenteeism / Presenteeism

By having a voluntary legal benefits plan in place, your employees will have the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll be prepared when legal matters arise — and you’ll have employees who aren’t distracted by legal concerns.

Help reduce employees’ concerns about the costs of legal services.

Personal finances are at the top of the list when it comes to causes of stress, according to a report from the American Psychological Association, and finances are often closely tied to financially driven legal needs. When employees with legal problems hesitate to consult an attorney because they fear they can’t afford legal representation, productivity suffers. With a legal benefits plan from U.S. Legal Services, both your employees and your organization reap the benefits of having affordable, quality legal services readily available.

Our legal benefit plans make you more competitive.

Great employees are your best asset, and a comprehensive benefits plan can help you attract and retain them. U.S. Legal Services lets you offer benefits that are equal to or better than those of your competitors, giving your most desirable candidates one more reason to go to work for you.

Legal benefits are the types of coverages that members of a group legal plan have access to. Group legal plans are offered by employers to employees, and those employees can self-select whether they’d like to participate in a group legal plan as part of their voluntary benefits at work. At U.S. Legal Services, the legal benefits plans we offer come with no cost to the employer, with employees who choose to become members paying a low monthly fee to have access to legal assistance when needed. We offer three plans:
  • Family Defender™ to cover everyday legal issues for employees and families; this ranges from family law to estate planning, and more
  • CDL Defender™ to provide commercial truck drivers with access to the legal representation they may need
Identity Defender™ to help members protect their identities and credit and/or restore them in cases of fraud
There are several legally mandated employee benefits (although this is not true with independent contractors), including Social Security taxes. Employers must pay into Social Security for each employee, based upon what he or she was paid. Employers are required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance, although there are multiple ways in which they can do so. In some states, disability insurance that provides employees with partial wage replacement when an injury or sickness is not work-related is required. Employers must offer up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to employees in a year’s time when situations fall under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)—for events such as the birth, adoption, foster care or other care of an employee’s child; care for immediate family members with serious health problems; and so forth. Employees must also follow relevant minimum wage and overtime page laws.
Each group legal plan offers different benefits, with employers working with plan providers to create one for their employees. U.S Legal Services offers three choices, including Family Defender™ that provides everyday legal services for employees who enroll. These services range from traffic citations to family law, and from bankruptcy filings to estate planning and more. Consumer groups have called Family Defender the most comprehensive plan in the industry. Group legal plans can be more specialized, such as CDL Defender™, which specifically covers legal issues that are likely to be of concern for commercial truck drivers and their families. Another niche plan is Identity Defender™, which helps plan members to address immediate fraud-related issues and to restore identities and credit. Employers, you can contact us online to design a plan to suit your employees’ needs, or call us at 1.800.356.LAWS.
Perhaps most importantly, group legal insurance such as the Family Defender™ plan gives employees peace of mind, as they know they have access to affordable legal assistance if and when it’s needed. This can provide stress relief and allow employees to focus on their jobs, not on the legal challenges they’re facing. When commercial truck drivers are members of the CDL Defender™ plan, U.S. Legal Services will pay 100 percent of all attorneys’ fees on covered issues. This includes moving and non-moving violations—for drivers and carriers. We’re here to keep drivers on the road, reducing fines and keeping points off driving records. Attorneys in our network and our CDL customer service team understand how livelihoods can be affected by FMCSA regulations, and we’re set up to protect you. Employees, you can ask your employers to contact us for more information.
Employers benefit from group legal plans such as Family Defender™ because employees who know they’re covered when legal issues arise can be more focused at work. There can be lower absenteeism rates because legal matters are being handled, and less wasted time at work. Employees can experience less stress when legal matters are handled well, which can translate into reduced healthcare costs. Plus, employees who address legal challenges through workplace benefits can feel more loyalty to the company. Here’s more information about how group legal plans can help employers. With CDL Defender™, a plan specifically created for commercial truck drivers, a crucial benefit is that attorneys in our network help to keep drivers on the road where they can continue to earn money for their families. In fact, 92 percent of drivers represented by U.S. Legal Services are satisfied with the results.