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Family Defender FAQ’S



To use your legal benefit, call the Customer Service Team at 800-356-LAWS. The Customer Service Representative will verify your ID and ascertain a brief description of your legal matter in order to assign the appropriate attorney to service your legal need. The Representative will provide you with the name and phone number of the requested attorney for you to set up an appointment at your convenience. Follow up calls will be conducted to ensure contact with the attorney has been made and that no further assistance is required. You may also refer to the Welcome Letter you received when you enrolled, typically by email, for further instructions on how to use your plan, as well as your Member ID number and U.S. Legal contact information.

Consultation, preventative law, legal advice, correspondence and negotiations are provided without limitation at the Plan Attorney’s office. Some limitations and exclusions may apply to some determined benefits. Refer to your policy certificate for specific coverage descriptions.
Yes, the Plan offers representation for defense of most criminal and civil matters. If a trial is involved, you will be responsible for court costs, filing fees and other incidental fees mandated by the state.
The Plan includes the provision of legal services for all non-criminal, moving traffic violations.
Attorney’s fees are covered for all covered legal matters within the policy limitations. You will be responsible for any costs, filing fees or fines imposed by the court. Costs are not services that the attorney provides.
Yes, the low monthly rate covers the associate, their spouse, and all eligible dependent children.
U.S. Legal contracts with attorneys, both locally and nationwide, to handle all legal matters for members who participate in the Plan. Members have the option of choosing a network attorney that best suits their needs, however, we encourage members to contact our trained team to ascertain the information and assist in the attorney assignment. A directory of Network Attorneys will be available in your online Member Portal.
Yes. U.S. Legal offers out-of-network reimbursement on covered legal matters. We will also make best efforts to recruit the attorney so that associates can receive maximum benefit.
The questions and answers above are for information purposes only.  Any conflict between the questions and answers section and the terms of the membership agreement will be governed by the terms of the membership agreement.