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U.S. Legal Services offers a legal benefit that pays your attorney’s fees for all covered legal matters when you utilize a network attorney. With the CDL Defender Plan, you and your spouse are covered for all non- criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations in both your personal and commercial vehicles.

What is Covered?


U.S. Legal Coverage

Unsafe Driving
Speeding Yes
Bypassing Weigh Station Yes
Reckless Driving Yes
Improper Lane Use Yes
Failure to Obey Traffic Signs Yes
Improper/Unsafe Passing Yes
HOS Compliance
Incomplete/Inaccurate Log Book Yes
Exceeding Hours of Service Yes
Driver Fitness
No/Invalid/Expired Medical Card Yes
Driver Disqualified Yes
Crash Indicator
Failure to Yield Yes
Negligent Driving Yes
Vehicle Maintenance
Unsecured Load Yes
Tire Tread Yes
Inoperative Headlamps Yes
Inadequate Break System Yes
Overweight/Overlength Yes
Hazardous Materials
Invalid/Improper Placard Yes
Hazardous Materials Yes
Leaking Containers Yes
Improper Packaging Yes

-Pre-existing citations, as well as non-pointable and criminal violations, are subject to referral discount. Violations related to alcohol or controlled substance possession are subject to referral discount.
-Referral discount is 33.3% off attorney’s normal hourly rates.
-Coverage does not include fines, court costs, or other incidentals related to the legal matter.
-Must be a properly licensed CDL holder

Additional benefits:

Free Attorney Consultations: Consultations for all non-CDL related matters including divorce, child support, child custody, consumer law, debt collection, bankruptcy, and more. If you choose to retain an attorney, you will receive a 33.3% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate. This is available to you, your spouse, or your dependent children (under age 19 or up to age 23 if enrolled as a full-time student).

Free Financial Coaching: Our trained financial planners will help you get out of debt, restore credit, learn how to budget, and develop good spending habits.

Free Identity Theft Restoration Program: Highly trained specialists are available to listen, answer questions, and assist with restoring identity and good credit.

CDL Defender: $32.95 per month plus $2.00 service fee.


Once enrolled in coverage, you will receive a certificate describing the exact coverage benefit purchased. This flyer explains the general purposes of the insurance, but in no way changes or affects the insurance afforded under the policy issued. All coverage is to be subject to actual policy conditions and exclusions. Premiums will be prorated based on the enrollment date. Not sponsored or approved by the United States Government or any Department or Agency thereof.