As an attorney in the U.S. Legal Services network, you’re one of the most valued members of our team. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from network attorneys. If you have a question not answered here, our provider relations representatives will be glad to assist you.

Step 1: The request
  • A U.S. Legal Services member requests a referral to a network attorney
  • Our customer service expert sends an email to approve your initial consultation with the member
Step 2: The consultation Step 3: The claim
  • File your claim by logging in with your attorney ID and password at www.uslegalservices.net
  • Reference your fee schedule for billing amounts
Authorization can be expedited when all pertinent information concerning the case has been provided during the first attempt to collect member benefits. We strongly recommend that you request authorization after the initial consultation, but before agreeing to accept the case or performing additional services for the member. Pertinent information may include:
  • Who the services are for
  • The date the case was filed
  • The court case number
  • How you anticipate helping the client
  • Information regarding the court/jurisdiction
  • Whether the services will be for the member only or the member and his/her spouse
The fee schedule is a comprehensive document that breaks down coverages and payment for services rendered.
We encourage frequent billing (every 90 days) to ensure on-time payment. Should a member leave his or her place of employment and no longer have coverage under the plan, frequent billing helps ensure that you are compensated for work provided to an active policyholder
Be sure to have the member's ID number handy before filing a claim by:
  1. Visiting www.uslegalservices.net
  2. Selecting the attorney tab
  3. Logging in with the attorney ID and password provided in your welcome packet
  4. Selecting "file a claim" located at the top left of the page and following the prompts
Payment may be delayed for one or more of the following reasons:
  • You did not submit appropriate documentation to support your invoice
  • You did not receive authorization prior to filing your claim
  • Your claim submission is still within the four-to-six-week review window