Group Legal Services: How They Work

You hope you never need help from a lawyer. You hope your family never needs help from a lawyer. But legal issues do sometimes arise, often at the worst possible times and from the most unexpected places. That’s when a lawyer’s help is needed, and fast.

U.S. Legal Services has been providing affordable access to attorneys through group legal plans for more than 40 years. This isn’t part of our business. It is our business. We offer the most comprehensive group legal services available today, giving employees access to qualified attorneys near where they live and work. And, because this is a managed benefit rather than a referral service, you and your employees will also benefit from our superior customer service team.

To talk about how a group legal plan can help your employees and strengthen your workplace, please call us at 1-800-356-LAWS or contact us online.

Enrolling for a Voluntary Benefits Plan is Fast and Simple

We’ve streamlined the enrollment process to make it straightforward for your human resources team to set up and administer, and easy for your employees to register and use. And, whether your organization has a few employees or thousands, group legal plans are available at no cost to the employer.

Here’s how the process works:

Step One: Learn more about the benefits of the Family Defender™ plan (or, if your company is in the commercial trucking industry, the CDL Defender™ plan).

Step Two: Contact us to request a quote from U.S. Legal Services.

Step Three: Offer the plan to your employees, who can sign up at the online enrollment page.

Step Four: When an employee covered by the plan needs an attorney, we make it fast and simple to get started.

Plan members have access to a national network of qualified lawyers, vetted to make sure your employees are protected by the experienced lawyers they deserve. Customer service representatives streamline the process to ensure your satisfaction (meaning, employers and employees alike!).

Your employees can access attorneys for a wide range of the most commonly needed legal services, including:

We also offer the Identity Defender™, a special plan enhancement that provides valuable assistance with identity theft and fraud matters.

Voluntary Benefits Help with Recruiting and Retaining Star Employees

Today’s employees want to work for companies that care about their financial and personal well-being, and providing voluntary benefits such as group legal plans demonstrates that attitude. Here are numerous other benefits to voluntary group legal services.

Remember, Group Legal Plans Are Offered at No Cost to Employers

U.S. Legal Services offers these plans to companies from a wide range of industries, from healthcare organizations to financial institutions, and from universities and other places of higher learning to government entities. Let’s get started! Call us at 1-800-356-LAWS or contact us online.